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How To Write A Useful Blog Post

How To Write A Useful Blog Post

Blogging has changed a great deal over the past 2 decades. Blogging used to be an online form of journaling, where bloggers would write about their day-to-day experiences on a certain subject. Recently, and if done correctly, businesses are leveraging blogging as a means of In-bound Marketing (Hubspot).

The key factor of a quality blog post is “usefulness”. When done correctly, useful business blogging can increase traffic to your website, and stimulate user engagement on and off your website.

The question is then:

How do you create useful content? 

  1. Map out a content plan

  2. Format your post correctly

  3. Source relevant, supportive imagery

  4. Link to related posts

  5. Link to related products

  6. Trade content for user information

  7. Prompt your users to sign up

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Manfred Lotz
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