Over the years we have tried and tested multiple platforms. Based on overall usefulness and quality of the service/product supplied, we have hand-picked a list of trusted resources. These resources are provided as a guide for boosting your business, and helping you exceed your business goals.

Before reading any further, you should note the following disclosure:

AdOrganic is a trusted affiliate with some of the services and products listed on this page, and thus earns a commission. Please understand that the products and services are not selected based on affiliate commission, but are rather selected based on how useful they are to you. All products are hand selected based on our experience with them, and the resulting quality of service received. Only sign up for these products/services if you feel that they are required to help boost your business. 


Dynamic Hosting

Top Choice For Website Hosting

All of our client’s websites are hosted using Dynamic Hosting. Dynamic hosting has proved to be the best due to 5 main, and very important reasons which every website owner/manager comes to learn after being in the game for a while:

  1. Exceptionally fast load time
  2. Never get hacked guarantee (with the “Managed WordPress” package only)
  3. Fast, Reliable, and Friendly Support
  4. FREE site migration
  5. They use 100% Renewable Energy

Over the years, we have been in bed with many hosting companies. We know how tough it can be to move over to a new hosting provider. Not to worry. Dynamic Hosting will move you over within 48 hours, FOR FREE. Good luck finding that deal anywhere else.

Active Campaign

Top Choice For Email Marketing & Sales Automation

Active Campaign is what we use to manage and grow email lists. Imagine being able to automate and schedule emails to your list based on their engagement and activity on your website. This is essentially what Active Campaign does. Using this software has become essential for managing email lists and campaigns. Why do we recommend Active Campaign?

  1. Easy to Use
  2. Low Cost (Great for start-ups and small businesses)
  3. Extensive FREE Training Resources

Active Campaign can help you use the power of AI in your business, and ultimately lower your man-power needed to sustain your venture. It’s a win-win situation.

USD $19.95/month

Member Mouse

Top Choice For Building & Managing A Membership Platform

Member Mouse makes it easy to manage members on your website. This platform can do everything from allowing members to sign up and create accounts, to processing member transactions with Stripe & PayPal.

So why and when would you need to use Member Mouse for your online business?

  1. Selling Virtual Products
  2. Selling Memberships
  3. Restricted Content/Pages

CAD $29.00/month


Top Choice For E-commerce Cart

Shopify is our top choice for E-commerce carts simply because of how easy to use this platform is. Another bonus is how modern and clean it’s design is. Use this platform as your shopping cart “Software” on your WordPress website, or create a website through Shopify. What can you do with Shopify? Here are some examples:

  1. Simple & Variable Product Store (Physical Goods in different colours and sizes)
  2. Subscription Store (Just like Dollar Shave Club)
  3. Ticketing Platofrm
  4. Virtual Products

If you can think of it, you can build it with Shopify.

Strategic Blogging

AdOrganic Made Resources & Guides

We have helped our clients create blogs which are useful, and help them collect user information. We used this knowledge to create FREE guides for you to use as an aid when building your blog or writing a new post.

We are always striving to create content which is useful, and ultimately helps you do things better. Our guides and blog posts are focused on helping you with the following items:

  1. Creating Useful Content
  2. Engaging Users
  3. Enhancing Traffic
  4. Collecting User Information
  5. Using SEO Best Practices